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Subject: Hamza and His Sons Chapter 10: The Plumber 2This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents
either are the product of the author's imagination or are used
fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,
events, or locations is entirely coincidental. The sexuality of all
characters is entirely a figment of the author's imagination. For those of
you that are NOT of legal age, please find other material to read. If you
are offended by male/male material, or it is illegal to view such materials
in your area, you should be leaving at this time. This rape russian kids
story may contain
scenes of a graphic nature between father and his sons, or under age boys
and adult males, which may not be legal in your area. If you are under 18
or material of this nature is illegal in your present location, please
leave now. By continuing to read on, you are confirming that it is legal
for you to view the material in this story. In addition, neither you nor
any family members are employees of any type of government, law
enforcement, or investigative entity. Moreover, you are either not
performing any type of research in preparation for any forms of legal
action, directly or indirectly, affecting the contents of this site. In
addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site will not
be held responsible for any consequences of you viewing or downloading free russian schoolgirl sex
I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to send me an blond russian boys email with any questions,comments or suggestions for
future work!.Thanks!
This chapter is the continuing story of chapter 9
Hamza didn't even bother to answer us. He was too busy sucking his son and
getting a rim job from his other boy. Hamza's hairy ass was up in the air
and he was wiggling it as if he wanted more tongue deep pictures russian whores in his
asshole. Mr. Levent was standing right next to the father and sons orgy. He
watched them sucking and rimming each other with his perverted eyes. His 9"
dick was throbbing by the incredible view of father and son threesome. Then
he started fondling Hamza's ass with his left hand and Tolga's asshole with
his right index finger. He russian women who fuck slapped Hamza's ass and told him:- Hamza we have a guest to entertain.Hamza turned to me and smiled at me, while still sucking his
son. Mr. Levent slapped Hamza's ass harder one more time and told him:- Com'n Hamza. You are so greedy russian nude tpg
over your boy's cock. Let the man suck the
boy.Hamza stopped sucking Emre and stepped down from the sofa. He stood right
next to Mr. Levent with a 9" hard on russian porno forced
in his hand. Mr Levent told Hamza's
boys:- Boys get out of the sofa. Let the man lay down on it.Then Mr Levent turned pictures russian whores to me and said:- Come on man. What are you waiting for? Lie down on the sofa and spread
your legs wider.I looked at Mr Levent and didn't say a word but obeyed his order. I decided
to let myself completely in Mr Levent's hands because this perverted man
and an his equally perverted helper right next to him really knew how to
deal with these boy whores. Mr Levent looked happy that I obeyed his
orders. He smiled and winked at me and I smiled back at him. He then
ordered his son Alp fack russian girls and Hamza's boy Tolga and said:- Come on boys. I wanna watch you sucking this man. Start working on his
cock.Alp and Tolga looked at each other and smiled. Hamza turned to Mr Levent
and said.- Look at them. Aren't we the luckiest bastards in the world that we have
such horny boy whores? They are always ready to suck any adult dick even
if the dick belongs to their own fathers.Alp started sucking me first. He started licking the head of my russian college boys dick like
an ice cream. Tolga joined Alp and both of them gave the base of my dick
light kisses. They were licking my cock from the base of my balls to the
tip of my dick. Every now and then their tongues were touching and they
were French russian movie porn kissing. Alp first started deep-throating me while Tolga was
sucking my balls. In few minutes they exchanged their duties. I was having
the time of my life and I russian sex show was still trying to figure out if this is a dream
or not. I opened my eyes and saw Emre looking at us and licking his lips
with hunger. He definitely looked like he would like to join me and fack russian girls the
boys. Mr. Levent sex gallery russian tgp saw me looking at Emre. He knew that I wanted to be
serviced by Emre as well. So Mr. Levent ordered Emre: - Emre. Put your dick
in man's mouth. Face-fuck him.I opened my mouth closed my eyes and waited for the russian mail order husbands dick of the boy invade
my mouth. First I felt the mushroom head touching my lips. When I opened my
eyes, I saw Emre's precum was oozing between his dick and my lips. He
rubbed his cock on my tongue and my lips for a while. He slapped my face
with his long tool. I want the boy's dick in my mouth all the way so bad. I
couldn't wait no more. I reached and took the entire dick in my mouth and
started deep-throating the boy. Soon he took control and started face
fucking me. I was struggling to take the entire 7.5 " dick in my mouth but
I managed to keep the big boy dick in my mouth without gagging in a short
time. Soon I felt Emre's big balls slapping my chin. I never thought in my
life that I would be having sex with three boys in front of their father.This was like a dream come true. Emre was getting very rough with his dick
while he was face fucking me. He was almost chocking me with his big
tool. The boy realized that and he took his dick out for few minutes. When
I wiped my eyes and cleaned my tears, I saw Mr. Levent and Hamza were on
their knees. Mr. Levent was behind Tolga and Hamza was behind Mr. Levent's
son, Alp, and they were both licking the boys' assholes. Both of the boys
were bent over on the sofa and they were still sucking my dick. Seeing the
faces of two adult men in between their boys' ass-cheeks was an amazing
view. Their eyes were closed and seemed russian tits gallery like they were enjoying the taste
of the boys' holes. The boys were moving their asses left and right, up and
down. They looked happy receiving kisses and tongues on their assholes by
their father. The boys definitely had no problem having their father's
noses and fingers getting in and out of their assholes.Mr Levent ordered his son Alp: - Alp I want you to put your dick in our
plumber's mouth. Emre come over here and bend over ?n front of your father
and start sucking the plumber's dick.Emre obeyed his father and he bent over in front of his father and started
sucking my dick with his brother Tolga. Alp started to face fuck me and Mr
Levent rimmed Tolga's asshole. Than Alp was replaced with Tolga to face
fuck me and his father rimmed Alp's asshole. I was getting so close cumming
but I didn't wanna do that before fucking at least one of the boys. Mr
Levent sensed russian babysitter my desire and told the boys:- Enough sucking boys. Let's do some fucking. Stand right next to each
other and bend over to the sofa. I wanna see some assholes.They boys obeyed Mr Levent and bent over. Mr. Levent first reached his own
boy, Alp's ass and spread his ass cheeks apart to make the boy's asshole
visible to all of us. Alp's asshole looked nice and wet because of the
rimming job he got from Hamza and his father. Mr Levent shook his head and
said:- This hole is my creation and I am so proud of it.Then he nudist russian pics
bent over and gave a loud kiss on his son's asshole. He put his
index finger in and out of Alp's asshole few times to make the boy's dick
rock hard and moan in ecstasy. Mr. Levent moved to the next boy. It was
Emre. He spread Emre's ass cheeks. Emre's hole was hairy and dark. The hair
around his asshole was wet and stuck on around his hole. Mr. Levent told
Hamza:- Hamza doesn't your son deserve a kiss on his asshole?Hamza leaned down and kissed his son's asshole loudly few times. Then
Mr. Levent moved to the next boy. It was Tolga. Tolga has a smooth ass. He
didn't have one single hair on his body specially around his asshole. Mr
Levent spread the ass cheeks of the boy and I saw the most beautiful
asshole ever in my life. I just knew what to do. I leaned down and started
kissing Tolga's asshole. I wasn't able to stop.I buried my face in between the boy's ass cheeks. I tongue fucked the boy
for a while. I stopped and inhale the smell of his asshole. Tolga's hole
smelled funky and wonderful. The smell was the mixture of sweat, saliva and
adult cum. Then I smelled the room. I could smell the cum in the boy's
asses, sweat of their crotches and armpits, pre-cum of their leaking
cocks. The smell of the room hit me like poppers. It drove russian lesbian lovers me crazy. I
rimmed Tolga's asshole again for a while. That really made the boy's hole
slippery and wet enough to fuck. I stood up and looked at Mr Levent and
Hamza. They winked at me and gave me a nod. They knew what I was asking
for. I wanted to fuck sex gallery russian tgp Tolga. Mr Levent was standing in front litte russian sex of his son,
Alp and Hamza was standing in front of his son, Emre. They were both
pointing their big dicks to the boys' holes and I did the same. I rubbed my
dick around Tolga's asshole and I inserted my dick slowly into Tolga's fuck
hole. The mushroom head of my russian wife pregnant dick went in with no problem. Tolga sighed
loudly. That made me realize he was very happy to be fucked by me. When I
turned to Mr Levent and Hamza, I saw both fathers already russian nudes free pics
started fucking
their boys. I realized these boys were experts oversized cock suckers and
they must also be experts getting their ass fucked by adult men. free horney russian sluts
I rammed
my dick in Tolga's asshole in one thrust. I expected a loud scream from
Tolga but instead the boy moaned loudly with ecstasy. I started fucking the
boy slowly. His asshole felt around my dick like a velvety glove. It was a
tight and a hot hole. I was in heaven. I closed my eyes and tried to feel
the tightness around my dick as much as possible. Every now and then I
opened my eyes to see this is not a dream and I was really fucking a 12
year old boy right next to his father. Soon Mr Levent told us to replace
the boys. I went to fuck Alp and Mr Levent got behind Emre and Hamza
started fucking his other son, Tolga. I inserted my 9" dick in Alp's
asshole. It was already a little bit loose because of Mr Levent's rough
fucking. I was sure that Alp had been fucked by his father for a long time
and his hole was accustomed to be fucked by an any adult dick. I fucked Alp
a little bit rougher than Tolga. I slapped his ass every now and then and
kept slamming my dick in his asshole. My balls made free russian sex chat slapping sounds with
every thrust I made. I fucked Alp few more minutes. amatur russian
I realized I was
getting very close cumming. I didn't wanna cum before I fuck the other
boy. I suggested that we should exchange the boys one more time. I went
behind Emre and rammed my cock in his russian blonde suck
hairy asshole. His meaty ass-cheeks
were jiggling while I was fucking him. I put my dick in and out of his hole
few times russian girls and boys and I realized I was ready shooting my load. I looked at Mr
Levent and Hamza they seemed ready as well. Mr Levent ordered the boys:- Okay boys. Get down on your knees and open russian top 100 porno your mouths.Three of us adult man stood in front of the kneeling boys with our dicks in
our hands. First I shouted:- I am cumming.Then I started shooting my load. Tolga took my dick in his mouth and got
the first spurt. The other two boys also reached up to my dick and put
their tongues out as far as possible to catch any remaining russian adolescents naked drops of russian nude family pics cum I
ejaculate. The boys licked the base of my dick one by one and drained
me. Then Hamza started cumming. They did the same treatment to Hamza. The
boys were fighting with each other russian legal sex to have as much semen as possible. Hamza
finished cumming they cleaned his dick, sucked his balls and drained him,
too. Finally Mr. Levent started free russian porn audition shooting his load. Alp went up to his
father's dick and put it in his mouth. He did not let the other boys get
his father's load. He sucked him dry and left his drained dick to the other
two boy's enjoyment. Tolga and Emre sucked russian sex show
Mr. Levent's drained dick and
his balls. I dropped on to the sofa and Tolga sit on my lap and put his
head on my hairy chest. Hamza lay down next to me and he cuddle with
Alp. Mr. Levent laid down on the sofa right next to Hamza with Emre in his
arms. I stroked Tolga's hair and kiss him on the forehead. I patted his ass
and fingered his asshole. I thought this must be the most awesome feeling
in the world. A naked boy in your lap putting russian nudes free pics his head on your chest and
kissing your nipples while your hand is on his ass and your fingers in his
asshole. I turned and told Mr. Levent:- I really appreciate for this hot orgy. I won't charge you any plumbing
work and you can call me any time you want for plumbing or for a hot orgy
with your boys.I had the opportunity to serve Mr. Levent so many times and I was never
paid with money. I only exchange my service with boy sex. That was the deal
among me, Mr. Levent, Hamza and the boys.Here ends the 10th chapter of my first attempt at a Man-boy story.
I had great fun writing it. I love hearing from readers, so please feel
free to send me an email at with any questions,
comments or suggestions for future work! Thanks!

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